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Once upon a time, in 1887 at the Rochester City Hospital, ladies gathered together to sew hospital table napkins. As they widened their circle, they decided that although they were not numerous enough to be called a “branch” of the hospital, they did qualify as very cheerful and industrious “twigs.”

The Twigs ladies, therefore, applied their verdant touch when devising special projects for the hospital and improving the quality of patient life. Over time, they established Twigs groups throughout the country.

In support of Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH), the Twigs extend their tendrils among nine Community Groups: Apple Tree, Chappaqua Laurel, Hills, Macintosh, Magnolia, Neighbors, Paddle, Pine, and Valley Ridge. 


Associate members (not of a designated group) contribute sewing and/or their presence in the boutique.

As our Twigs ladies celebrate almost three quarters of a century in continuous service to NWH and over fifty years of raising funds through the Twigs Thriftree Boutique, we remain true to our organic nature 

and seek to grow.

We welcome anyone from the Northern Westchester region who would like to lend a hand. Our Community Groups are excited to channel your artistic talents both in and outisde of the boutique.We look forward to authoring the next chapter of this Twigs tale with you.


Never The End. . .

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