Summer Frock "Christian Dior" Roses
Gardening Ensemble
"Chic by the Sea" Ensemble
Formal Tux. . . Prom?
Formal Dress with Flounce. . . Prom?
Taffeta Black and White Dress
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Lime Pitcher
Floral Patterned Teapot
Rococo Platter
Italian Tureen
Rose Teacup
Blue and White Bowl, English Pattern
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Saint Tropez Slippers
"Take Me to Antigua" Hat and Handbag
Cache of "Found Treasure"
Straw Clutch
African Animal Necklace with Scarf
Carefree Basket
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"The New Yorker" Puzzle
"The Thing About Luck" Book
"California" Tour Book
"Casual Vacancy" Audio Book
"Lasher" by Anne Rice
"Jump the Broom"
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Rainbow Stacked Boxes
Decorative Siamese Cat
Alabaster Bust Celebrating Primavera
Little Nest
Silk Flower Napkin Rings
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Library Lamp
Antique Wrought Iron Doorstop
Storage Basket
"Monet with a Twist" Painting
Polka Dot Porcelain Cock
Marble "Italian" Table
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"The Thing About Luck" Book