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A Still Life Message

A good still life is especially potent at New Year’s. The one featured here, thought to be by Dutch master Johannes Honnet of the 17th century, reveals how much we feel the world to be our oyster.

Perhaps you had one as the ball dropped at midnight?

Celebration beckons with goblets full to overbrimming. The greening of grapevines and assorted twigs translates to a verdancy in our efforts. Boutique sales, a sort of daily bread, we leaven with kindness and a keenness for thrift.

So be sure to stop in. Shop a while. Speak with our ladies about how to lend a hand. And become implicated in our mission so that Honnet’s canvas more than symbolizes the fruits of our labors; it should breathe with the possibility of our collective strokes.

Come paint your passion for Northern Westchester Hospital by accepting our outstretched olive branch. . . vine. . . twig. May peace, love, and philanthropy reign supreme this very special 2017.

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