President: Linda Sharp
First Vice President: Kathy Higgins

Second Vice Presidents: Kim O’Brien and Mandy Sherman
Treasurer: Deb Coffino
NWH Foundation Liaison: Ellen Muentener
Recording Secretary: Joan Shepherd

Corresponding Secretary: Margaret Marcogliese
Boutique Managers: Judy Houlihan, Cathie Lent and Rosemarie Marino 

Special Events Coordinator: Lina Serpico

Digital Strategist: Jennifer Grace Torsiello

Digital Consultant: Jessica Laemle

Jessica Laemle

Although she did not step from the movie "The Devil Wears Prada," Digital Consultant Jessica Laemle may as well as have leapt from this charming Norman Rockwell painting. She is studious and stylish, analytical and fun. Her digital strategy insights, image-editing finesse, and economist's acumen (macroeconomics is a passion) contribute to Twigs verdancy. Stop by the boutique to chat with her and be sure to discover how she makes our online presence grow. 

Margaret Marcogoliese

Passionate about correspondence and always ready to share a laugh, Margaret is a source of wit and wisdom at our oval-table board meetings. Be sure to ask her about her dog or the very innovative 75th birthday she threw for herself!


Rosemarie Marino

Co-chairperson of the boutique, Rosemarie, can have her cake and eat it too: "Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much," reads Helen Keller's thoughtful quote in icing. Rosemarie states, "Volunteers represent a wide spectrum of women working together. . . for NWH and our communities, while re-purposing and recycling donated treasures." Rosemarie makes these treasures as sweet as confections.


Kathy Cunningham

"I'm always on the hunt,"says Kathy of her love of Twigs boutique. Here pictured is a recent find: green malachite rimmed Christian Dior platter with serving piece. In her third year as President of the Apple Group, Kathy knows just how to pluck, poach, or pick the pieces that are the "apple of her eye" and everyone else's. Ask her advice about how to set a table or equip a bar cart. She's done all this and more with Twigs treasures. 


Kim O'Brien

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Linda Sharp

As our President, Linda revels in the out-of-doors and is a true cultivator. Not only does she garden, but she also encourages others - her family included - to volunteer. Perhaps this is why Georgia O'Keeffe's red poppy appeals to her. It blooms with a fervor similar to her passion for Twigs. Under Linda's green thumb, philanthropy thrives.


Judy Houlihan

A kind presence in and around the boutique, Judy is also a scheduler "par excellence." She helps to weave the intricate pattern of shifts the Twigs Community Groups undertake at the boutique and can be consulted on all calendar matters.


Eileen McVeigh

As President of Pine Community Group for the last several years, Eileen knows how to conjure a thicket of volunteers. Here she sports a fuschia jacket procured from our racks. Endless compliments she receives regarding the color (it is evocative of her spirit) and she revels in transitioning among different scarves as inspired by the season. Did we mention she is a knitter? She has also crafted a winter scarf to match her jacket. . . from yarn skeins purchased at Twigs!

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Judy McGrath

Served as a former President of Twigs. Sent her son into our garage for clean-up. Scintillated in a black gown at the NWH Centennial Gala last November. As an ardent supporter of our mission, Judy "feels so fortunate to live near one of the top hospitals in New York" Everything Judy (and her extended family) touches on our behalf blossoms.


Kathy Higgins

Awaiting info.


Deb Coffino

Ever ready with her mechanical pencil, Deb leads us by "dotting i's, crossing t's" and tabulating with both precision and vision. Her financial reports are some of our favorites; they always reveal we're on the up. . . Did we mention she is the proud mother of "Beauty and the Beast" star "Lumiere" from a local school production? She, too, knows how to shed light on our facts and figures.


Cathie Lent

Co-Chairperson of the boutique, Cathie, leads with a flourish similar to the blossoms painted here by Pamela Pindell. Full of life and light, Cathie demonstrates how to display our treasures to their advantage. Did we mention that the Pindell here is an original from Cathie's living room? Her aesthetic sense is just as exquisite.


Hayedeh Daftari

She paints, cooks, translates from her native Farsi, composes original poetry, and arranges our merchandise with a "Midas touch." Whatever receives a wave of her aesthetic wand sells! Perhaps the stunning tetralogy of paintings she donated to NWH moves us most (they have themed our website and social media this 2017) and we encourage all who visit the hospital to see them on display. Hayedeh's azure blue and gold palette reveal her shining spirit. She is both a favorite artist. . . and our muse.

Jennifer Grace Torsiello

JGT's approach to digital strategy is best defined by Rococo. What may be overly ornate or complex she streamlines so as to instill beauty, logic. . . and social media flourishes where appropriate. Best practices from the 18th century she would recommend for one's wardrobe. Until lace jabots are revived, however, she is grateful Twigs presents fun and fashionable alternatives for today's clothes horses. 


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At our spring luncheon we recognize volunteers for their service hours.

We look forward to seeing you there for fine feasting and philanthropic fun.


Twigs of NWH

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Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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