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Into the Woods :: Mrs. Lexington Discovers a Twigs Muse near the Pagoda of Leonard Park

It's Memorial Day and the rain has held. With picnic basket under arm and camera in pocket, I decided to head to Leonard Park of Mount Kisco.

There, a Pagoda (fashioned in classic Japanese style) wavers tall and proud over a lake that effaces itself with turtles, ducks, and schools of slim fish. When the air stirs, it's as if Hokusai breathes ripples across this vivid mirror. Sometimes it reflects what one wishes to see. Other times, it obscures with an Eastern intricacy.

Lawn spills from the Pagoda, leading to forest. A frieze of trees springs among the fern and moss, then a glade with picnic tables beckons. Mist scrims all and not for the first time I wonder if I've set foot in one of many silk screens depicting a Japanese fairy tale. Where is the dragon? The enchanted monkeys? The crane that speaks?

Yet it's no mythical creature we're destined to meet. Instead, Priscilla Partridge, Sybille Sparrow, and I are to photograph a Twigs muse in her boutique finery. Our muse's red hair flares like the red ribbon of a paper dragon's mouth. Her beauty is the sort one reads about. She is young and hip and may as well have stepped from the pages of "Vogue" magazine, per the tee she sports from our boutique rack.

See her embrace a comfort pillow the Twigs volunteers handmade for Northern Westchester Hospital patients. See her toss it in air! She does so with the same wild abandon we have for our philanthropic mission. . . The very enthusiasm we have for the Pagoda of Leonard Park. . .

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