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Summer 2017

Summer Strokes: How the Paintings of Beloved Twigs Volunteer, Hayedeh Daftari, Brighten our Mission 
A maestra of color and a muse at the boutique, Twigs volunteer Hayedeh Daftari enchants with her vibrant aesthetic sense.

Don't know how to pair jewelry with a vintage ensemble? Unsure how to set an eclectic table? Ill at ease introducing antiques to the contemporary setting of your home? (Yet absolutely certain you must? )


Hayedeh has the answer!

Not only does she advise what would be beautiful and practical, assessing your aura for color affinities, she also paints. A celebrated nutritionist from Iran, Hayedeh has a touch for ingredients. . . should these be for a healing soup, or a work of art that awakens the soul.

Here we draw from a collection of her summer masterpieces: "Rose Bush by Waterfall," "Open Window with Breeze," and "The Girl and the Sea." Whether acrylic, oil, or watercolor (respectively), these works pulse with the new season's promise: wide vistas and intimate coves, gates and windows that whisper to be opened, adventure unpetaling in the form of roses, tulips, and large-brimmed, beribboned hats.  

Did we mention Hayedeh has also made a generous contribution to NWH's permanent art collection? Earlier this year she donated a stunning tetralogy of paintings that you, too, may view on the hospital's fourth floor.


So as we contemplate how good aesthetic sense should inform our shopping decisions (do stop in when Hayedeh is present), we sense the rush or rivulet of azure waters from her paintings. Allow their current to invite you to dream and perhaps press you to our doorstep. May the imperatives of a seaside vacation bring you to discover our sandals and skirts, our baskets and breezey bags, our books meant for a poolside read.


Twigs serves as this season's most exciting thatch (paintbrush style) for new ideas. In Hayedeh's competent hands, "thrift for philanthropy" acquires new strokes of blue, bright vigor. See you at the boutique!

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