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Take a Peek inside the Boutique

Discover the "found treasures"our shop has to offer - some currently available.

Visit our Facebook for what's new and what's on sale this week!

Bangles, baubles, heels and handbags galore. . .

Come see what fashion forecasts (and retrospectives) are in store!

Page-turners and music to serenade the eye, ear, and mind. . .

Come comb through what is


Ladies, gents, and children, find your wardrobe essentials here. Then, summon entire ensembles from our helpful volunteers!

From dishes and lampshades to baskets and bric-a-brac. . .

Come revel in our insatiable shelves and riotous racks.

We pride ourselves on always having what is useful and aesthetic on hand. Just look at this charming children's table, handpainted with farm animals. . .

Something to crow about!

We toast our vintage and holiday finds with these teacups. How we brim with enthusiasm for our treasures' provenance. . . and seasonal significance.

Take a Peek inside the Boutique: Service
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