Executive Board

President: Maureen Kilfoyle
First Vice President: Kathy Higgins
Second Vice Presidents: Kim O’Brien and Mandy Sherman
Treasurer: Deb Coffino
NWH Foundation Liaison: Gaby Golod Greenwald
Recording Secretary: Christine Nelson
Corresponding Secretary: Margaret Marcogliese
Boutique Managers: Judy Houlihan, Rosemarie Marino and Giselle St. Vincent

Maureen Kilfoyle

True to her Gaelic names of Maureen (meaning “great”) and Kilfoyle (meaning “leader of her clan”), our president has forged greener fields for Twigs volunteerism. From increased membership to enhanced communication, Maureen has redrawn the map for boutique sales which are on the rise.


Ever ready with her mechanical pencil, Deb leads us by "dotting i's, crossing t's" and tabulating with both precision and vision. Her financial reports are some of our favorites; they always reveal we're on the up.


Passionate about correspondence and always ready to share a laugh, Margaret is a source of wit and wisdom at our oval-table board meetings. Be sure to ask her about her dog or the very innovative 75th birthday she threw for herself!


Known for her beautiful penmanship (she creates great signs) and bright ideas for enhancing displays, Rosemarie leads with a rosey wave of her wand. Under her touch, the boutique blossoms.


As if named for the great ballet composed by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges, our Giselle pirouettes from helping clients to hauling boxes to straightening shelves. Her troupe follows her complex choreography with admiration, hoping to emulate it.

Judy Houlihan

A kind presence in and around the boutique, Judy is also a scheduler "par excellence." She helps to weave the pattern of shifts the Twigs Community Groups undertake at the boutique and can be consulted on all calendar matters.

At our spring luncheon we recognize volunteers for their service hours.
We look forward to seeing you there for fine feasting and philanthropic fun.


Twigs of NWH

449 Lexington Avenue
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

914 666 6557

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